Saturday, December 2, 2017

20171202 First love...

That girl, she maybe saw me as a fact maniac

That girl, she may have seen me threw away lava

That girl, she has now defied love's syntax error

That girl, whose person is still adored by many

That girl, who leaves a mark on my cardiac level

That girl, whom I considered the very one special

That girl, the one I first set my eyes on, glad to know you're happy for me

© JoeCo0327

Thursday, November 16, 2017

20171116 Don't ignore

There will always be people whose words are hotter than wasabi

But come to think of it, they might know the place where we might be going

So instead of acting like an immature simpleton

And argue with them, and be as crazy as an erupting volcano

Listen: we might pick something that we'll regret to give a cold shoulder

This, my friends, is my note to self; hear their advise, don't just ignore

© JoeCo0327

Sunday, November 12, 2017

20171112 Finding peace...

The value of life, a precious gift, is forever never cheap

Each soul that gets tired and stressed deserve to be at ease

Hum a song, sketch a picture, or witness the sunset aura

Open the windows, enjoy the breeze while sitting at the attic

Humans we are, though made to toil, must learn how to stay free

You're free to look up, give thanks to God, make this your new belief

Embrace all things, both good and bad, all that's in store for you

For we shall know, God's in control, peace shall prevail for all

© JoeCo0327

Friday, November 10, 2017

20171110 Something's not the same...

Having an inspiration is like seeing a huge rainbow arc

Closer and closer, you gonna tell, it was nothing but magical

You had it when your mind is as complex as solving algebra

And you are thinking, X and Y can be changed to U and I

So much time will pass, they may come or will just blur

But one assurance they give, happiness will come again once more

© JoeCo0327

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Memes on School Opening

REMINDER. All memes posted here are not meant to hurt anyone. Just enjoy and laugh. Kung may natamaan ay pasensya na lamang. Thank you!

SEGWEY: I used "Meme Generator" app to make my own memes. Available free on Google Play.